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Project Update
Northeast Los Angeles River Study Area in the works
In the spring of 2009, the CRA/LA Board of Commissioners and the LA City Council authorized staff to study the feasibility of a new redevelopment project along the LA River in Northeast Los Angeles.
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Hollywood & Central Region Projects

East Hollywood Beverly Normandie
Earthquake Disaster Assistance Project:  464 Acres

Redevelopment Project Area:  1107 Acres

Mid-City Corridors
Recovery Redevelopment Project: 725 Acres

Pico Union 1
Redevelopment Project Area:  155 Acres

Pico Union 2
Redevelopment Project Area:  227 Acres

Recovery Redevelopment Project:  633 Acres

Wilshire Center/Koreatown
Redevelopment Project Area:  1207 Acres

Total :  4,518
Hollywood / Central Region:
6255 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 2206
Los Angeles, CA 90028
T: 323-960-2660
F: 323-461-1487

Mid-City Corridors
Pico Union 1 & 2 - Westlake - Wilshire Center/Koretown

3055 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 520
Los Angeles, CA 90010
T: 213-977-2633
F: 213-384-7371

 undefined Hollywood & Central Regional Area

Barron McCoy

Barron McCoy
Regional Administrator
Mr. McCoy is the CRA/LA Regional Administrator for the Hollywood & Central Regional Area. The Hollywood/Central Region is responsible for the Hollywood, East Hollywood/Beverly Normandie, Pico Union I & II, Mid City Corridors, Westlake and Wilshire Center/Koreatown project areas. There are 18 staff members deployed in the Hollywood/Central Region.  Print BIO



General DescriptionRedevelopment GoalsGeography

The Hollywood & Central Region is comprised of seven project areas, including East Hollywood/Beverly Normandie, Hollywood, Mid-City Corridors, Pico Union 1, Pico Union 2, Westlake and Wilshire/Korea Town. There are 17 priority projects in this region, including affordable housing , economic development and living wage job creating commercial development public improvements and cultural enhancements.


To stimulate economic development that creates well paying jobs and provides needed commercial and social services. Improve the quality and affordability of the housing stock, and improve public infrastructure. Create transit oriented neighborhoods with a balance of jobs and housing


Most of the regions redevelopment projects area is located west of the 110 (Hollywood and Harbor) Freeways and south of the Hollywood hills. The region centers on the Wilshire Center /Koreatown communities, and its Mid-City Corridors project extend south of Interstate 10 along Washington and Adams Boulevards. The MTA "Red Line" subway system is the transportation spine of the region, with 8 station areas in the project areas between Mac Arthur Park/Alvarado Street and Hollywood and Highland.