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  • Adopted Date:
    February 21, 1979

  • Amendments:
    November 19, 1980
    February 2, 1983
    December 20, 1994*
    October 2, 1997
    October 31, 2003*
    June 7, 2011*

    *Legislative Amendment 
  • Project End Date: 
    February 21, 2021

    Site Office Information:
    5250 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 650
    North Hollywood CA 91601
    Telephone: 818-753-1918
    Fax: 818-506-8625

    Regional Administrator:
    Margarita H. de Escontrias

    Project Manager
    Gazala Pirzada






The 743-acre North Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area is located in the San Fernando Valley, one mile north of the intersection of the Hollywood and Ventura freeways and immediately north of the Cahuenga Pass. The Project Area is part of the CRA/LA East Valley Region.

The Project Area is bounded generally by Hatteras Street on the north, Cahuenga Boulevard on the east, Camarillo Street on the south, and Tujunga Avenue on the west. Adopted in 1979, the Project Area's redevelopment plan has been amended three times and twice legislatively.

Located within the Project Area is the North Hollywood Commercial & Artcraft District, more commonly known as the NoHo Arts District.

The City of Los Angeles limits the amount of business taxes paid by entertainment and multimedia businesses located in the North Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area. In order to establish your eligibility, the City of Los Angeles Office of Finance requires completion of the Eligibility Questionnaire.

Conditions at Time of Adoption

At the time of adoption, the Project Area contained the following blighting conditions:

  • Numerous instances of structural deterioration plus environmental and land use conflicts which deterred significant investment;
  • High population density and overcrowding;
  • Incompatible land uses or shifting of uses;
  • Defective design of physical construction combined with increasing age, obsolescence, deterioration and dilapidation;
  • Inadequate public infrastructure and public facilities. Major streets requiring improvements included Lankershim, Burbank, Magnolia, and Chandler boulevards. In addition, many minor streets did not meet City standards and street lighting throughout the area was seriously deficient.

Highlights of the Last Five Year Period (fiscal years 2006-2010)

  • $425 million in private investment
  • $28 million in CRA/LA investment
  • 186 units of housing constructed that have affordability restrictions maintained by long-term covenants
  • 3,085 construction jobs created
  • 1,152 permanent jobs created
  • 12 commercial façade storefronts completed
  • 319,000 square feet of retail and office space constructed
  • Cumpston-to-Hatteras public improvements completed
  • Streetscape Improvements completed
  • Chandler Boulevard Bikeway completed
  • Arts Retention Program created--capacity building workshops for participants and physical improvements to two theaters completed 

Five Year Plan

California Health & Safety Code Section 33490 requires that redevelopment agencies adopt a Five-Year Implementation Plan demonstrating how the goals and objectives, proposed programs and projects, and planned expenditures for their project areas will lead to the elimination of blight and implement low- and moderate-income housing requirements.

The latest report covers fiscal years 2011-2015 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2015). The Five-Year Implementation Plan is found under Plans & Work Program.


Business Assistance Program

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