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The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) is currently conducting studies and analyses to determine the feasibility of adopting a new redevelopment project area in Northeast Los Angeles. The Northeast Los Angeles (NELA) River Corridor Study Area is comprised of approximately 2,300 acres and overlaps with portions of four communities: Atwater Village, Cypress Park, Elysian Valley and Glassell Park. The goal of establishing a redevelopment project area is to capture a portion of local taxes for reinvestment into the areas where it was generated. Funds may be used for projects and programs such as business assistance, public improvements, neighborhood beautification and housing.


Facts at a Glance

·         The study area is about 3 ½ square miles or 2,300 acres (including streets and other public rights of ways). Click here to see the study area boundaries.


·         Approximately 32,211 people live within the area.


·        The Hispanic population makes up a majority of the population followed by White, Asian, and Black populations.


·        The median household income is $31,101, slightly lower than the City of Los Angeles median, $36,687.[i] 

·   Twenty-four percent of the households live below the poverty line, which is 2% higher than the City of Los Angeles.

·        Renters make up 64% versus homeowners who make up 36% of the occupied housing units.

  • In terms of educationa attainment, approximately 56% of the adult population in the area is without a high school education.
  • Nearly one third of Northeast Los Angeles study area residents’ work in the service industry. 
  • About 40% of the population uses an alternative means of transportation – including carpool, public transportation and walking -- which is significantly higher than the City of Los Angeles.

Our primary interest is to develop sound land use and economic development strategies to bring jobs for working families into the area.


In spring 2009, the CRA/LA Board of Commissioners and the LA City Council authorized staff to study the feasibility of a new redevelopment project. In 2010, we began our community engagement by introducing the study at community meetings and events. In October, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Sustainable Communities, awarded the CRA/LA a significant grant with the goal of encouraging successful community and river revitalization through comprehensive planning.  That same month our redevelopment consultants began their field work.  In November, we held open houses in each of the four communities to introduce the study and hear about community needs. 


2011 Activities

In 2011, we will continue our community engagement efforts by meeting with community members, business owners, social and community organizations, as well as attending community meetings and events.  Community input and understanding of needs and priorities is essential in this process; this year a Steering Committee will be formed to solicit valuable input on the proposed redevelopment project area and generate the required documents. The technical field work and economic analyses should be completed in the spring.   At that time, we will present a preliminary plan to the City Planning Commission and begin the formal plan adoption process and timeline. We will also work to contract with a consultant to begin the required environmental analysis.  The environmental analysis will include an historic resource survey, to identify buildings and districts that are important and should be preserved.  If we continue to stay on schedule, we expect to present a proposed NELA River Corridor project area to the City Council for its consideration by mid-2012.


Additional information about the NELA River Corridor Study can be obtained at or on our Facebook page. Also, feel free to contact us at 323-960-2660 or by emailing Michael Cortez, Community Affairs at