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  • Adopted Date:
    July 29, 1971
  • Amendments:
    December 19, 1986
    December 20, 1994
    March 3, 1999
    November 21, 2003
    December 19, 2006
    August 13, 2008
  • Project End Date: 
    July 29, 2014

    Site Office Information:
    448 S. Hill St., 12th Fl.
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    T: (213) 922-7800
    F: (213) 617-8233

    Regional Administrator:
    Jenny Scanlin

    Regional Administrator:
    Jay Virata



 \\Commonspot\internet-site\images\bullet1 About the Project Area
The Monterey Hills Redevelopment Project, adopted by City Council on July 29, 1971, is located adjacent to and southwest of South Pasadena and east of the Pasadena Freeway. The 211- acre project is generally bounded by Via Marisol on the north, Collins Avenue on the east, Carnegie Street on the south, and Monterey Road on the west.

The principal thrust of the project outlined in the Redevelopment Plan includes the development of a wellplanned residential community that provides a variety of housing opportunities for families and individuals from all income levels and the preservation of the physical integrity of the site.

Monterey Hills is a residential redevelopment project. Twenty-one condominium and rental complexes totaling 1,781 units have been built in the project area. In the late 1980’s some developments experienced varying degrees of soil settlement and certain buildings showed signs of structural distress.

Lawsuits filed by homeowner associations against the Agency and others resulted in a Global Settlement Agreement in 1991. Necessary soil, structural and cosmetic repairs are now the responsibility of individual homeowner associations to be paid by the Global Settlement Fund. Subsequent to the Global Settlement, one additional project, the 16-unit Bradley Court Condominiums, has been completed.