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 At A Glance
  • Adopted Date: February 24, 1970
  • Amendments:
    December 17, 1986
    December 20, 1994
    December 7, 1999
    October 31, 2003
    December 19, 2006
  • Project End Date: February 24, 2013

    Site Office Information:
    448 South Hill Street,
    Suite 1200, Los Angeles,
    California 90013. 
    T: 213-922-7800
    F: 213-617-8233.

    Regional Administrator II:
    Jenny Scanlin

    Regional Administrator I:
    Jay Virata
 \\Commonspot\internet-site\images\bullet1 Development Opportunities
Requests For Development Proposals

The Agency periodically issues Requests for Development Proposals (RFP) on specific sites in the project areas.  These Development RFP's have fixed submission dates, after which all submitted proposals are evaluated and ranked.  This process often involves extensive community input.  The Agency staff then recommends one proposal to the Agency's Board of Commissioners.