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Central Business District (Amended)
 At A Glance
  • Adopted Date: July 18, 1975
  • Amendments:
    December 17, 1986
    December 20, 1994
    May 1, 2002
  • Project End Date: July 18, 2010

Site Office Information:
448 South Hill Street,
Suite 1200, Los Angeles,
California 90013. 
T: 213-922-7800
F: 213-617-8233.

Regional Administrator:

David Riccitiello

Project Manager
Lillian Burkenheim







Central Business District

Project Area Overview

The 1,549-acre CBD Redevelopment Project, adopted on July 18, 1975, was amended by City Council and the Agency Board of Commissioners on May 1, 2002.  The original Redevelopment Project had several geographic sub-areas (Central City East, Financial Core, Historic Core and South Park) with specific revitalization issues and development needs.  Of these sub-areas, only the Financial Core, Civic Center and portions of South Park remain in the CBD.  The remaining sub-areas have been incorporated into the City Center Redevelopment Project Area and the Central Industrial Redevelopment Project Area.


About the Project Area
General information about the project area including a description of the goals of the redevelopment plan and the conditions in the area at the time of adoption of the redevelopment plan.

Project Area Map
This page contains a map of the redevelopment area and a link to a downloadable Adobe Acrobat copy of the project area map.

Plans & Work Program
This page contains links to the redevelopment plan, the most recent implementation plan and copies of the annual budget schedules and work program narratives for the current year work program. Links to information about available grant and loan programs is also found on this page.

Development Opportunities
The development opportunities page contains information about current program activities designed to encourage development in the project area. Links to any current requests for proposals are also available on this page.

Permits & Land Use
The permits and land use page includes information about land use conformity within the project and as well as information about building permit approval.

Public Meetings
This page includes schedules and other information about committee and other community meetings in the project area.

Community News & Events
A schedule of events that are taking place in the community can be found on this page as well as news articles and other important community information.

Community Resources
The community partners page includes the names of many of the community-based organizations that the Agency has partnered with in the community.

Quarterly Reports

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