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  • Adopted Date: July 18, 1975
  • Amendments:
    December 17, 1986
    December 20, 1994
    May 1, 2002
  • Project End Date: July 18, 2010

Site Office Information:
448 South Hill Street,
Suite 1200, Los Angeles,
California 90013. 
T: 213-922-7800
F: 213-617-8233.

Regional Administrator:

David Riccitiello

Project Manager
Lillian Burkenheim







 \\Commonspot\internet-site\images\bullet1 About the Project Area

The Central Business District (CBD) Redevelopment Project reached its $750,000,000 tax increment cap in November 2000.  In May 2002, the City Council and Agency Board of Commissioners amended the CBD Project Area detaching those areas which continue to evidence blight.  The major areas remaining within the CBD Project include the Civic Center, Financial District and the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The FY05 work program reflects the work objectives remaining in the amended Project Area.  In the Civic Center, the Agency will continue to staff the Civic Center Authority and to monitor plans for the development of new public facilities and open space.  In the Financial District, the Agency will continue to monitor the implementation of approved projects and the construction of the CIM Group project at Ninth and Flower involving the development of a full service Ralphs supermarket and 260 units of loft-style housing units as well as leasing of the Gas Company lofts, which will include 53 affordable units among its total 251 units.