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4Housing - We use specially earmarked housing funds from property tax increment in our project areas to create affordable multi-family housing — either by rehabilitating existing structures or building new ones. Our programs have made possible the construction of energy-efficient and smoke-free affordable apartments near public transit. We also create needed housing especially for seniors, for students, and for the homeless.

4To fund the Brownfields Revitalization Fund, the City has allocated nearly $5.8 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds over the past 5 years.

4Nearly 200 art projects in 17 redevelopment project areas have been completed since the Art Program's inception in 1968.

4To launch a cultural tourism website, CRA/LA obtained funding from Metro and the City of Los Angeles and developed partnerships that included LA, Inc., City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to launch a cultural tourism web site.

4CRA/LA provides financial assistance to businesses and others entities by offering grant and loan programs in many of its project areas.

Art Program
Streets, parks and public buildings in CRA/LA redevelopment project areas contain a wide variety of by artworks paid for by developers’ percent-for-art contributions. You can download copies of Public Art Guidebooks, Developer Guides and other publications, and search for specific projects by artist or redevelopment project area.

Brownfields Programs
Brownfields are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties that can be hazardous to public health, contribute to neighborhood crime, and reduce employment opportunities and property values. The goal of the Brownfields Program is to develop effective strategies for redeveloping these properties throughout Los Angeles, especially in neglected communities.

Business Grants & Loan Programs
CRA/LA provides financial assistance to businesses by offering grant and loan programs in many of its project areas. Whether a program is established in a given project area depends on available funding and specific community needs.

Cultural Tourism
Attracting visitors to the extraordinary diversity of cultural events and sites in CRA/LA redevelopment areas is a key component of economic growth.

Housing Programs
CRA/LA has a long track record of building affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles. Today, we monitor nearly 22,500 of units in over 575 projects throughout the City.

New Markets Tax Credit Program
The Los Angeles Development Fund is a California non-profit and certified Community Development Entity established by the City of Los Angeles to administer its New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) program. The LADF received a $75 million NMTC allocation in the 2007 funding round. The LADF is committed to using its NMTC allocation to stimulate economic development in low-income communities throughout Los Angeles.

Healthy Food Neighborhood
The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles is committed to making healthy food options more accessible for the communities they serve. CRA/LA has helped leverage millions of dollars in grant and other funding and continues to create and support innovative programs that make fresh food access possible.

Los Angeles River Revitalization*
The Los Angeles River is one of the City’s greatest assets. Long seen only as a flood control channel, the river will be restored as a functioning ecosystem and an accessible, environmentally sensitive recreation area that will connect neighborhoods and contribute to the quality of life in Los Angeles.
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