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  • CRA/LA’S commitment to public art began over 40 years ago.
  • Over 200 art projects in 21 redevelopment project areas have been completed to date.
  • California Plaza developers met their art requirement by building a $23 million facility for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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SCI-Arc & LA Dept of Transportation
Bike Stops Here

Project Area: City Center
Project: Bicycle Racks
Project Location: Various
Project Type: Cultural Trust Fund


The Southern California Institute for Architecture (SCI-Arc) working collaboratively with the Department of Transportation's Bicycle Coordinator, commissioned artists under the direction of instructor Randall Wilson to make custom bike racks.   Each rack uniquely captures the spirit of its setting.

Arlene Lee - Grand Hope Park
Paul Benigno - Arco Plaza
Nida Chesonis - City Hall East
Patrick Bambrough - LA Times
Randall Wilson - MOCA-GC, Children's
  Museum, and Chinatown Public Library
Nick Gillock and Jeffrey Eyster - LAPD (6th & Wall)
Louis Molina - Grand Central Market

Grand Central Station Bike Rack
Grand Central Market bikerack
LA Times Bike Racks
LA Times bikeracks

Artist Profile

SCI-Arc was founded in 1972 as a radical alternative to the conventional system of architectural education. United by their commitment to an alternative structure from the more rigid, hierarchical structure they had encountered at other institutions, architect and educator Ray Kappe and a group of six faculty members established SCI-Arc as a mechanism for invention, exploration, and criticism. The school has grown rapidly and developed an international reputation, ranking among the best schools of Architecture in the country.  In 2000, SCI-Arc moved to Downtown Los Angeles, where it plays an important cultural role in the area while engaging the local community on various levels.  The school continues its energetic commitment to experimentation and the examination of the social as well as the formal aspects of architecture.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) currently operates the second largest transit fleet in Los Angeles County next to LACMTA.  LADOT's transit fleet consists of nearly 400 vehicles and serves approximately 30 million passengers per year.