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  • CRA/LA’S commitment to public art began over 40 years ago.
  • Over 200 art projects in 21 redevelopment project areas have been completed to date.
  • California Plaza developers met their art requirement by building a $23 million facility for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Museum of Neon Art
Relighting of the Los Angeles Theatre's Historic Neon

Project Area:  CT-Historic Core
Project:  LUMENS Project - Los Angeles Theatre
Project Location:  615 S. Broadway 
Project Type:  CRA/LA Initiated


Situated between two unassuming buildings in the Broadway Historic Theatre District, the Los Angeles Theatre’s looming and dignified façade peers out onto the busy street of Broadway.  Near the corner of Broadway and 6thStreet, this theater was designed by S. Charles Lee in 1931 and was the last movie palace built on Broadway.  The theater was completed in time for the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s "City Lights."  Its sumptuous architecture abounds with baroque details alluding to the grandeur of Versailles.  Four colossal columns flank the central alcove at the heart of the structure.  At night, the rich architectural ornaments encrusting the façade take a back seat to the soft glowing display of its neon marquees refurbished under the LUMENS Project which was overseen by the Museum of Neon Art.

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The LUMENS Project (Living Urban Museum of Electric and Neon Signs) was created in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs in an effort to rescue and restore neon signs within Los Angeles County.  More than 130 neon signs dating from the 1920s to the 1940s were restored thanks to the help of LUMENS.

The Museum of Neon Art (MONA) was founded to exhibit fine art in electric and kinetic media; to document, preserve, restore, and collect outstanding examples of neon signs; and to educate the public about the cultural, historical, aesthetic, and technical aspects of electric art.  MONA acts as a forum and catalyst for persons interested in exploring, enjoying, and producing artwork that uses light and/or motion as its expressive language.  Since 1985, the museum has hosted the MONA Neon Cruise, a nighttime bus tour of neon signs, movie marquees, and permanent installations of contemporary neon art in Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.  The Museum of Neon Art is currently seeking a permanent home and has loaned some of its collection for traveling exhibits.