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  • CRA/LA’S commitment to public art began over 40 years ago.
  • Over 200 art projects in 21 redevelopment project areas have been completed to date.
  • California Plaza developers met their art requirement by building a $23 million facility for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Brad Howe
El Cartographo

Project Area:  North Hollywood
Project:  NoHo Gardens
Project Location:  11201 West Otsego Street
Project Type:  Developer Initiated


This cheerful “cactus” sculpture stands approximately 20 feet in height on a canopy over the doors marking a welcoming entrance to NoHo Gardens. Even though this sculpture is static, motion plays an important role, as Howe cleverly used the organic curvilinear motif of the cactus to complement the lines of the building and add a festive flair to the design. Howe took the concept for the form further when he developed the design for the surface using an abstract pattern motif to celebrate the vitality of North Hollywood. This community is infused with the arts, theater, and multiculturalism and Howe wanted his piece to reflect the vibrancy of this urban environment. Howe was also influenced by his many trips to Brazil and Mexico and it is easy to perceive the spirit of a Latin festival or Spanish dancer in his artwork.
El Cartographo

Artist Profile

Brad Howe was born in Riverside, California in 1959.  The artist received his formal training at Stanford University and the University of São Paulo, Brazil.  Howe’s large metal mobiles, walls, and freestanding sculptures can be characterized as colorful and lyrical.  Howe’s works are in the public collections of Cedars-Sinai Hospital; Loyola Law School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Raleigh Durham Airport; and the Xerox Corporation, Rochester.  The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.