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About Us

CRA/LA is focused on the creation of affordable housing  “Affordable” means that housing costs are within the budget of a household earning no more than 120 percent of the median Los Angeles income. Our development projects also include mixed-income and market-rate housing.

• 74 active housing projects
• 11,411 total units
• 4,375 affordable units   
• $204.6 M of CRA/LA Investment

122 Active Projects

Housing & Mixed Use Projects

• 74 active projects
• 49,260 construction jobs
• 12,849 permanent jobs
• $342.2 M of CRA/LA Investment

Non-Housing Projects
(Retail, Commercial and Industrial)

• 10 active projects
• 2,402 construction jobs
• 3,005 permanent jobs
• 1,30,095 commercial sq ft
• $48.4 M of CRA/LA Investment

Public Improvements
(sidewalk & crosswalk enhancements, improved street lighting, signage, building exteriors)

• 15 active projects
• 429 construction jobs
• $18.2 M of CRA/LA Investment

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About CRA/LA

What We Do
We make strategic investments to create economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for the people who live and work in our neighborhoods.

A Board of seven Commissioners appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council oversees the CRA/LA. An Administrator appointed by the Board directs the staff.  Under an “Oversight Ordinance,” adopted in 1991, every action of the CRA/LA is subject to City Council approval.

Management Team
The management team includes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). It also includes seven regional administrators and selected department directors.

Facts & Figures  PDF
This report, produced quarterly, summarizes information on active CRA/LA Board-approved projects that are in the pipeline, under construction, or were completed in the recent quarter.

CRA/LA 2009-2010 Annual Report
Redevelopment is one of the most important tools cities have to create economic activity in communities that are struggling in the current economy. That is why Los Angeles needs CRALA now more than ever.

Management Priorities
CRA/LA has identified a number of important management initiatives and policies that we intend to pursue this year in addition to our priority development projects.

Financial Report 
CRA/LA revenues come from property “tax increment,” a portion of the property taxes collected in a redevelopment project following the date of project adoption.  A copy of the Agency's most recent audited financial statement can be downloaded from this page.

Organization Overview 
City Council approved the CRA/LA Reorganization Plan on September 28, 2004.  The chart on this page shows the current organizational structure.